Stacey Berlund

Co-Founder – General Manager

Stacey Berlund is one of our co-founders and the General Manager of E2E. Having grown up in Ballarat, Stacey has had first hand experience with the mental health crisis that afflicts her community. Through this experience, she has passionately developed the objective to help communities around Australia start a conversation and develop skills about mental health.

“I am lucky to be working in a role that I love, where I can add value, in seeking to have a real community impact.”

Working as a relationships manager for numerous sports clubs, including Ballarat City Football Club, Stacey has an intimate insight into the sporting community. Through these relationships, Stacey found that the problems within her community were far more present in sports clubs. Her role extended towards implementing mental health awareness programmes and promoting multicultural diversity and gender equality.

“I have a passion for people becoming the best they can be.”

Establishing Enhance to Empower with David Sproules in 2022, Stacey set out to help sporting clubs create happy, healthy and strong human beings; leaders on and off the field. Believing that with the right tools and conversations, she can develop any player into the best version of themselves. Stacey is an inspirational leader that draws out people’s potential.

In her spare time, Stacey enjoys active pursuits, including exercising, running and more recently dancing. She is a passionate individual who, when not spending time with her 3 children, loves to learn new things and is always excited about discovering new books or podcasts.

David Sproules

Co-Founder – Executive Officer

Co-founder of E2E and executive officer, David loves seeing people grow and improve. Having studied commerce at the Federation University Australia David has managed multiple businesses in senior positions. David has worked for numerous community sporting clubs. Having sat on the chair of the Ballarat City Football Club and being a huge fan of the Geelong Football Club, it is easy to say that David has a passionate involvement in sporting communities.

From great experience with the benefits of a strong and vibrant community, he strives to provide those passionate about sport with the tools and resources they need to thrive. Through E2E, everyday he takes steps closer to his vision of enabling every sporting club in Australia to positively impact the psychological wellbeing of players, staff, volunteers and the broader community. 

“In this way we can all contribute to improving both the financial AND the mental fitness of our people, which flows positively outwards into our communities and society more broadly.”