Enhance To Empower (E2E) aims to empower every sporting club in Australia to positively impact the psychological wellbeing of their members and community.

E2E believes in the influential role of sports clubs in promoting mental health and resilience.

Through initiatives and programs, E2E works towards creating a culture of care and support within the sporting community, enabling individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.


This is what E2E can offer

Presentation to Parents

Their impact.
Their why?
Competitive advantage.

Player’s Presentation

Intro to Mental fitness.

The difference between mental health issues and physical health.

Knowing your impact.

The power of the mind.

Being your best.

Program Offerings

Scaffolding from introduction to Mental fitness to basic neuroscience, including delivery methods of understanding pedagogy.

Online or in person.

Programs are delivered to coaches.

Courses are delivered to associations or organisations.

With a consultation we make the program or course, fit for purpose, to your needs.

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